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About Us

Bigelow Hill Elementary School

Our vision as a Bigelow Hill Family is to inspire a community of life-long learners and leaders through unique opportunities and experiences.

Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee is a program to identify students from kindergarten through grade 3 that are behind in reading. Schools will provide help and support to make sure students are on track for reading success by the end of third grade. The department provides policy guidance, instructional tools, and resources on the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. (Source: Ohio Department of Education).

Bigelow Hill School Hours:

9:05am and ends at 3:30pm
Doors Open at 8:50am
Attendance:  419.425.8317

Findlay City Schools is a Leader In Me district! Each new school year brings opportunities; opportunities for academic growth but also opportunities for growth in all areas of development. Although children must be knowledgeable when they graduate, they must also be healthy, engaged, responsible, and caring people.

The Leader in Me provides our school with the vision and language to lead the school in a way that addresses all areas of development. As each child discovers and develops his/her unique gifts and talents, they are given opportunities to lead. As leaders, they become active, engaged partners in their own education and their self-confidence, responsibility, and initiative grows. The children quickly understand the benefits of different gifts and talents; they learn to listen to new ideas, work together to achieve results, and motivate one another to be the best.

Please click on the link to learn more about The Leader In Me and how you can teach leadership at home.

Ohio Designated STEAM School

The goal of STEM and STEAM schools is to foster intellectual, entrepreneurial and technical talent and design thinking. This is vital to Ohio’s future economic growth and prosperity, which depends on an aligned education system to support the state’s economic development efforts and that helps all Ohio students become innovators and inventors, self-reliant and logical thinkers and technologically proficient problem solvers. The Ohio Department of Education is a partner in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) focused on the infusion of high-level mathematics, technology and science into curriculum, and STEAM, which infuses the arts and design with STEM. Connected work with the Office of Career-Technical Education includes Project Lead The Way, Automated Materials Joining Technology and equalizing career field enrollment among gender, race, ethnicity and special populations. (Source: Ohio Department of Education)

Findlay North PTO

Please join us at a meeting to help support our schools! If you are unable to attend, add your name to our email distribution list for meeting minutes and information.

We are currently seeking officers, if you are interested, please contact the building principal.