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Kyle Mansfield Principal Welcome

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to visit our website in order to learn more about Bigelow Hill. My name is Kyle Mansfield and I am the principal. I am so excited for the 2023-2024 school year and I know that it will be fantastic.

Bigelow Hill is a 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade building located at 300 Hillcrest Avenue in Findlay, Ohio. We have a wonderful staff that cares deeply for our students and consistently strives to help students achieve their highest potential.

We are extremely proud of the work done at Bigelow Hill. Here are just a few ways we provide the best education possible for all students:

  • Student academic achievement is our top priority. We continue to focus on meeting all student needs and moving all students forward to optimize their learning.
  • Bigelow Hill is a Leader in Me Lighthouse School. We strive to ensure that we have a welcoming and inclusive environment for students and families. Students have many opportunities to build their leadership skills and have their voice heard in shaping the school culture. While academics are our top priority, ensuring that we provide opportunities for students to grow in all areas is quite important to us.
  • Strong family partnerships are essential for students to succeed. At Bigelow Hill we love our wonderful families! We encourage families to attend our many events, communicate with your child's teacher, and partner with us as we all work towards the same goal: helping your child reach their potential!
  • Staff attend Professional Development opportunities to continue their learning. The opportunities allow our staff members to stay up-to-date on the best, most current research in instruction, culture-building, curriculum, and more!
  • The BIG Shake is an event that integrates professional skills with effective communication. This is an incredible opportunity for students to practice, perfect, and show their skills!
  • Each Spring our students put on a Musical performance. Students take time after school to rehearse for months and the end result is absolutely magical!

Our Vision is that "Bigelow Hill Elementary is a safe, calm, and collaborative learning environment where staff and students are engaged, respectful, and genuinely care for one another." We work hard each and every day to achieve that vision.

As the Principal, I am proud to work at Bigelow Hill and live in this community. Working together, we will continue to do great things for the students at Bigelow Hill. If I can assist you, please reach out through email at or call the school at 419-425-8317.